Tom Fox celebrates this special 100th episode of Innovation in Compliance with Megan Dougherty. Megan is the co-founder of One Stone Creative, the company that produces this podcast. The show takes a different spin: first Megan interviews Tom, then he interviews her. They talk about how the show started, favorite episodes, and how you and your business can benefit from podcasting.

Listen to the episode now:

Favorite Episodes

Megan wants to know what Tom’s favorite episode has been so far. He responds that he loves all the episodes equally, but he has the most fun doing series. It’s easy for him to create so much content because he’s continuously thinking up new ideas, he says.

Origin of Innovation in Compliance 

Tom’s friend Howard Sklar, now a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, introduced him to the world of podcasting. After Howard moved to the corporate world, Tom took over their podcast and went on to start several of his own. He feels that podcasting is like having a virtual cup of coffee with his guests: he sets out a short outline for each episode but allows the conversation to flow naturally. Whatever they’re passionate about in the world of innovation or compliance, guests are welcome to share. Megan remarks that she enjoys listening to the show because it’s accessible even to laypeople, despite being firmly niched.  

Benefits of Having a Podcast

Megan asks Tom how he has benefited from hosting a podcast in his personal life, his network and his business. He encourages listeners to absolutely start a podcast if they want to. Among the many benefits, he says, are: 

  • There’s a low cost to enter;
  • Your network grows, within your company and industry;
  • You can tap into new markets.

About One Stone Creative

Tom asks Megan how her company began. She answers that she and her co-founder, Audra Casino, started the company two years ago. They used to work together, but hadn’t been in contact for over a year, when Audra called her up and asked if she wanted to go into business together. Their original idea was to be in video production, but it didn’t take off. Podcasting did, though. They quickly got their first podcast client and have been getting more and more referrals since then. Today, they produce podcasts for many interesting people.

How to Produce a Winning Podcast

Megan walks us through how she and her team produce a podcast, from concept to launch to weekly production. They create an AV identity for each show, which includes cover art, intro sound and even marketing materials. 

What’s Next for Innovation in Compliance?

Innovation in Compliance is set to continue for another 100 episodes – and beyond! The world of compliance practitioners, innovators, entrepreneurs, and commentators is full of people with interesting things to say, and Tom Fox is ready to talk to them. 


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