In this episode of Excellence in Training, Shawn Rogers provides some thoughts on the veiled land of –the future of compliance training.

Highlights include:

1.Compliance Training will be More Respectful of the Learner

2. Compliance Training Abuse” will Stop 

3. Compliance Training will become More Relevant to Learner Roles

4. Compliance Training becomes More Integrated into Business Processes

5. Compliance Training becomes More “Bottom-Up” Driven than “Top Down” Driven 

Disclaimer-As a company, GM uses many training vendors. GM’s compliance function primarily uses two vendors. Rogers has worked with other good vendors that currently do not work with GM. Rogers is not promoting any specific vendors, nor is he disparaging any specific vendors in this podcast. And, of course, these opinions are Roger’s alone and opinions that  developed over almost 15 years. He is not speaking on behalf of GM in any way.