Chenthil Eswaran is the Practice Head of Enterprise Solutions at Aspire Systems and is Tom Fox’s guest this week on the Innovation in Compliance Podcast. Chenthil leads go-to market strategy, implementation, and is a thought leader in CX Transformation. Prior to his current role at Aspire, he held application development, application maintenance, and managerial positions. On this week’s show, he and Tom are talking about cloud and data storage, data security, and how compliance professionals can create a digitally fluid future for their companies.



Cloud Adoption

The pandemic caused businesses that were initially hesitant to engage in digital transformation to upgrade their operations. Chenthil tells Tom it’s a perfect time to take stock of the impact of cloud power on business applications. “We need a collaborative tech ecosystem that allows both systems and cloud applications to work in unison,” he remarks. “That way you get the ability to shift certain workloads to the cloud-based on the evolving demands. Basically, you should be able to prepare for the future without complicating the present.”


Best of Breed, All in One

There are two approaches to SAAS-based solutions: best of breed, and all-in-one. Best of breed describes a solution that is specific to certain types of work processes. Best of breed helps solutions establish a digital transformation strategy that’s decentralized, and for enterprises with multiple locations and time zones. All-in-one means looking for comprehensive solutions which cover the requirements pertaining to a specific industry. It is preferred by highly centralized enterprises, and the solutions are fully integrated.


Digitally Fluid Future

Chenthil tells Tom that the pandemic changed his company’s approach to business by essentially forcing them to change their mindset. Their focus became more on remote agility, scalability, and innovation. “We are now very keen on being prepared for a digitally fluid future which may call for 100% remote working efficiency anytime,” he says. Unless companies are aggressively going digital, they will be unable to meet the aggressive demands of their customers. 


What’s Next 

Tom asks Chenthil what compliance officers and executives need to think about as digital businesses evolve in the coming years. “They need to be more agile and tuned in to modern user demands,” Chenthil says. Autonomous business applications will play a big part in this as well, as this will be the future. “The decentralization of security controls will take prominence, and it will help enterprises keep remote issues undercurrent,” Chenthil tells Tom.



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