Irene Kaushansky is Associate Director for Compliance and Operational Integrity at Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS). She has over 15 years of international experience developing and implementing programs for compliance and ethics, risk mitigation, and crisis management and investigations. She discusses GFEMS’ contribution to the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.



GFEMS’ mission is to bring donors together and coordinate globally to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking. Most anti-slavery work is narrowly focused on interventions that are tied to the purpose of the organizations, and these entities do not collaborate effectively. GFEMS was conceived by leaders who recognized that greater resources and coordinated global action was necessary to make real progress in ending modern slavery.


One of the ways that GFEMS is addressing forced labor and exploitation along supply chains is through private sector engagement. They are developing innovative tools to help private sector businesses build and maintain supply chains that are free from exploitation. These tools also support the private sector to comply with regulations to meet rising consumer demand for ethically sourced products, and ultimately to protect workers from being exploited.



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