We have been getting accountability all wrong in the compliance profession. It’s not a set of tasks – it’s a way of thinking and it has to come from the heart as well as the head. On Accountability: The Heart of Compliance Tom Fox and Sam Silverstein dig into what accountability means to the corporate compliance function and business organizations and most significantly, how to make it an integral part of your culture. In this episode Sam and myself discuss one of the most difficult issues in America today, policing. We consider it from the accountability perspective. Some of the highlights include:

  1. Can you hold everyone accountable?
  2. What is the failure in leadership?
  3. What is the commitment to “It’s All of Us” and why does it start there?
  4. Why is the policing crisis in America an accountability crisis?
  5. Why are problems now being tackled by local police departments across the country are not law enforcement issues. They are cultural issues.
  6. Where did the Warrior Mentality/Shoot to Kill mindset come from?
  7. How do they differ from the Guardian Mindset?
  8. How do you turn things around on a law enforcement team that is having problems?

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