Over this special 5-part podcast series, I have visited with David Greenberg, Special Advisor at LRN. We take a deep dive into the LRN White Paper entitled, “What’s the Tone at the Very Top: Board and Compliance: The Role of Boards in Overseeing Corporate Ethics & Compliance”. In this podcast series we explore the white paper in depth and provide the Chief Compliance Officer and compliance practitioner with succinct and practical tips for educating, dealing with and reporting to a Board of Directors. In this fifth and final episode, we look at the road ahead. The White Paper stated, “Over time, the gulf between CECOs and boards should be bridgeable. We believe the bridge should be built quickly. The sooner that CECOs have the board’s ear – and that directors are fully aware of what CECOs and the initiatives they lead can bring to the table –the stronger and more resilient their companies will be.

Some of the highlights from the podcast include:

  • What practical steps should be taken to engage the board more actively and effectively in ethics and compliance oversight?
  1. More time, higher priority, stronger signals from boards in ethics and compliance oversight.
  2. Boards need to question whether ethics and compliance are genuinely integral to business operations.
  3. Elevate the CECO and establish direct and confidential reporting lines?
  • What lays on the road ahead?

Check out the LRN White Paper What’s the Tone at the Very Top: Board and Compliance: the Role of Boards in Overseeing Corporate Ethics & Complianceby clicking here.