Today, I consider imagination in your compliance program.

The Adventure of the Empty House may well be one of the most famous in the entire Holmes oeuvre. It was the first story in over ten years, although Doyle set the tale only three years after the meeting of Holmes and Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls. Returned from touring the world, Watson and Holmes have an emotional reunion (at least for Watson) and then begin to tackle a locked room murder. This leads to Holmes being in jeopardy and putting a mannequin in his window to draw an attempted assassination attempt by Colonel Sebastian Moran, a henchman of Dr. Moriarty. Moran uses an air rifle which makes the murder and attempted murder all the more sinister.

  1. Every DPA and NPA mandates, “The Company will conduct periodic reviews and testing of its anti-corruption compliance code, policies, and procedures designed to evaluate and improve their effectiveness in preventing and detecting violations of anti-corruption laws and the Company’s anti-corruption code, policies, and procedures, taking into account relevant developments in the field and evolving international and industry standards.”[Emphasis supplied]. This means that the DOJ expects imagination in your compliance program to keep up with evolving international and industry standards.
  2. This means you should begin with a strategy for your compliance program. This means creating a compliance program that will create value for customers, i.e., employees, third parties and customers; show how the company will capture that compliance value going forward and finally which types of compliance imagination to pursue.
  3. A good strategy will promote alignment among diverse groups in a company, help to clarify objectives and priorities and guide your focus on those objectives. It can also be modified as necessary and with sufficient feedback.
  4. there must not only be sufficient resources allocated but management must also incentivize the business units to proceed with implementing the imaginations.
  5. You must recognize that your compliance program will have to be innovative. Start with a strategy, that has senior management buy-in and support, then move to implement. Finally use data in a feedback loop to fine tune your imaginations. That is the bottom line for imagination in compliance.