Richard Lummis is on assignment this week so I am pleased to host Alyson Van Hooser. Alyson is passionate about leadership. She has her own consulting practice on leadership as well as her own podcast on leadership. She recently wrote an article on leadership lessons from Grey’s Anatomy and I asked to come on 12 O’Clock High to expound on some of her thoughts. Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. Why did Alyson write the article on Grey’s Anatomy Leadership Lessons?
  2. How does Alyson see useful leadership lessons from movies, books and TV?
  3. If you stumble as a leader, why is it important to get back up?
  4. When looking for leadership opportunities, why should you not take the first opportunity?
  5. Why is it important to push through hard things and how does someone do so?
  6. Why did you end your article with “It’s not about Jo, it’s about you”?


Read Alyson’s article Grey’s Anatomy Leadership Lessons

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