The Compliance Life details the journey to and in the role of a Chief Compliance Officer. How does one come to sit in the CCO chair? What are some of the skills a CCO needs to success navigate the compliance waters in any company? What are some of the top challenges CCOs have faced and how did they meet them? These questions and many others will be explored in this new podcast series. Over four episodes each month on The Compliance Life, I visit with one current or former CCO to explore their journey to the CCO chair. This month, my guest is Asha Palmer, CECO at Convercent.

It was Palmer’s consulting business that helped her better understand the true state of the ethics & compliance profession. She began at the beginning but early on saw that compliance was often seen as a back-office function, with siloed systems and multiple stakeholders. She observed companies trying the same things over and over with stale training, unclear objectives of certain processes and proceduresAll of this informed her approach to compliance.


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