In the Episode, I visit with Asher Miller, a Compliance Consultant and Business Law Expert. Miller advises some of Israel’s major corporations in the areas of anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and compliance of all areas, while combining deep knowledge in international contracting, specializing in the government and defense sectors. Miller joins me to discuss the current state of compliance in Israel.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. What are the types of legal/compliance services offered by the Miller Law Group?
  2. Miller been at the forefront on the dangers of bribery and corruption for Israeli businesses. Does that message resonate with companies in Israel?
  3. How does Miller assess the state of anti-corruption/anti-bribery compliance in Israel?
  4. Miller has written about the lessons learned from the Goldman Sachs FCPA settlement and the Airbus international anti-corruption settlement in the FCPA Blog. Do those messages resonate to your clients/potential clients?
  5. Miller’s piece on Goldman Sachs had one of the greatest compliance lines ever, “Like in poker, if you can’t spot the fool around the table, it’s probably you.” How did it relate to the Goldman settlement and what lesson should a compliance professional draw from it?
  6. How was the Teva FCPA settlement received by Israeli companies?
  7. Early in the Coronavirus Health Crisis Miller wrote the article “Corruption Compliance in COVID times – What’s the Exit Strategy?” We are now at 10 months later, has his assessment changed?


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