Are you up and ready to return to the workplace?

Scenario: The CDC has dropped its mask mandate and social distancing guidelines. Your CEO says he wants plans for returning to the workplace (RTW) from each department head in one week. You are in the middle of evaluating your compliance training program, which for the past year has been virtual and remote, and you push to the back burner to get ready to return to the office. One day into that project, you get an email from the CEO who says he wants compliance training to be updated for RTW and, by the way, make it more exciting and relevant.

You call HR and ask if there have been any training evaluation surveys, and it turns out there have not been any, so you don’t know where the CEO’s comment came from.

What are some of the key steps you think about to improve the quality of your compliance training, make it applicable to RTW, make it effective, and most importantly, avoid compliance training fatigue?

Key takeaways in the episode:

✔️ Measures relating to RTW issues. Returning to work presents the perfect opportunity to train (or retrain) everyone on basic COVID practices and compliance responsibilities. Many states and jurisdictions require COVID-specific training before reopening offices.

✔️ Risk ranking employees for compliance training. Determine who needs what training through risk ranking by job duties. Train people on what they need to know and don’t throw extra training at anyone “just to be safe.”

✔️ The benefits of live training. Human interaction is essential. Think about how much richer the context is if you do compliance training at the yearly sales kickoff event, this shows your people the personal element to compliance.

✔️Which is better, a one-hour online course v. monthly 5-minute training videos? Either way works. Adults need to hear information approximately seven times before they remember it. Short, monthly videos would help with that retention. On the other hand, a more extended module would allow for more context and real-world scenarios in training. Both have benefits and takeaways.

✔️ Measure effectiveness with what happens AFTER training — are your people making good choices? Are issues being caught and reported? Do people come to HR/Compliance/Legal with questions/issues/red flags?


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