Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

Lisa and Mary are pleased to present the second bonus episode of the series.  For those new to the podcast, bonus episodes identify interviewees who are not Great Women in Compliance but have expertise to share that will benefit the advancement and empowerment of Great Women in Compliance.  Jay Rosen is a friend of the podcast and has been an ally for #GWIC from the very beginning.  The GWIC team extends their sincere gratitude to Jay for his support and friendship over the years.

There is no one better known for their networking skills than Jay, also known as Mr. Monitor due to his day job at Affiliated Monitors.  While many folks fell into Compliance, Jay’s start in Hollywood is amongst the least conventional pre-cursor careers.  We get to hear his story leading him to Compliance before diving into the substantive topic of how to network like a pro – even if you’re shy and introverted with no existing contacts.

Jay shares his best tips with us – addressing those in Compliance departments and those at vendors or other sales roles doing the important job of supplying tools, resources and services to Compliance practitioners to help them function at their best.

The conversation with Jay ends poignantly with Jay recounting the best advice that he ever received from his mother – a supporter of Great Women in Compliance as she purchased Jay a copy of “Sending the Elevator Back Down: What We’ve Learned from Great Women in Compliance”  (CCI Press, 2020) for Jay for Hannukah – that remains of more relevance than ever before.

Mary wraps up the episode with a short story based on her mother’s reframing of a situation that changed how Mary thinks about situations and lessens negative self-talk.

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