This special bonus episode is a cross-post of Mike Volkov’s 100th episode podcast, where he interviewed me. It was a ton of fun and Mike was gracious enough to allow me to post on the FCPA Compliance Report. Click here for the post on Corruption Crime and Compliance.

Some of the highlights include:

Where is the vast Compliance Podcast Network, and what is coming in the future?

The genesis of for Trekking through Compliance and how were you able to pull together and synthesize all of the Star Trek episodes?

My perspective on this recent DOJ and OFAC Guidance and how should compliance professionals use this guidance?

Given all of this recent government guidance, where does the FCPA Guidance from 2012 fit into the picture?  Does it still have value to the compliance professional?

What do you see, over the next five years, and how should compliance professionals prioritize compliance?

We always hear about automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning – how do we sift through these, find valuable compliance applications and then prioritize the use of these technologies?

When Trump first assumed the presidency there was concern about his commitment to FCPA enforcement.  What is my view of how this has turned out?

Where DOJ will be over the next few years on enforcement and compliance?

As compliance continues to evolve and increase its influence, where is the compliance profession growing?