Tricia Benn is the Chief Community Officer at C-Suite, a digital platform that focuses on providing growth development and networking opportunities for business executives. She is also the General Manager of The Hero Club, an invitation-only membership organization for CEOs, founders, and inventors. Tom Fox welcomes her to this week’s show as they discuss creating collaboration among leaders to build business growth.



C-Suite Network

C-Suite Network helps business leaders in growth development by creating an ecosystem of content creation and distribution, Tricia explains. It is a community of leaders motivating and inspiring each other on multiple levels. It is a values-based organization, with an emphasis on how leaders, investors, and businesses put people first. Before the pandemic, it was done via face-to-face seminars but has since then gone virtual. Tom comments that with this pivot, an explosion of content that hadn’t been available to leaders and businesses before has now become available. 

The Principle of Success

“The principle of success is what you define it as,” Tricia says. She emphasizes that as a business leader you have to be clear about how you define success. Tom asks her to explain the other services that her companies offer. Tricia says that C-Suite and The Hero Club provide whatever tools are necessary for the support of a leader’s content creation. With the pandemic, a lot of businesses have gone virtual, and C-Suite and The Hero Club accommodate for that. The main focus is about facilitating the access and intelligence needed for content providers, as well as the platform, to allow for business leaders to activate virtually. Implementing diversity is also important, Tricia stresses. Servicing everyone, and appreciating everyone’s differences is essential to hero leadership.

The Lifeblood of Success

Innovation is the lifeblood of a business’ success. It means putting one foot in front of the other every day. Without innovation, there can be no growth, and you end up losing ground. It is important to keep adapting. As things change around us, so must our methods, approaches, and our business models to better serve the environment in which we live. Tricia emphasizes that with innovation, it is important to never let the people you serve feel the pain of what you are learning. You must only let them feel the gains of that learning.



C-Suite Network

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