Zach Moreno and Rockwell Felder are the co-founders of SquadCast. Their company’s mission is to make it easier for their clients and their clients’ guests to have meaningful conversations while offering the best quality in remote locations. Zach is a podcaster, an author, a developer, a designer, and an artist. Rockwell is a CPA and an entrepreneur.  Zach and Rockwell join Tom Fox on this week’s episode to talk about collaboration, the podcast industry, and the ways Squadcast helps its clients.



Origins of Squadcast

Squadcast was founded to fix the problem of poor quality technology within the podcast community. Zach and Rockwell tell Tom how they started the company: “When [Zach] approached me with this idea…I was really ready and the fact that it was rooted at this intersection of podcasting and remote collaboration, which he and I think we’re very fortunate to be exposed to early on in our career,” Rockwell says. Building a product that helps creators collaborate in a high-quality manner just made sense to him and Zach.


Growth & Viral Cycle Time

Tom asks how Squadcast has grown. In response, Zach brings up the concept of “viral cycle time.” This metric looks at the technology a podcaster uses, and how quickly they invite someone to collaborate with them on that platform or technology. “For Squadcast, the magic really comes from inviting a guest, connecting with them and recording together and having a flowing dialogue where the technology just kind of fades into the background,” Zach says. The biggest element of Squadcast’s growth comes from other people collaborating and experiencing the platform for themselves. 


The Podcast Community

The podcast community is beautiful and welcoming, Zach emphasizes. He tells Tom that when he and Rockwell first launched, they were welcomed with open arms. “The community was so open and welcoming to Squadcast and us as new individuals and that is something that was magical that first time… and also something that we’ve continued to experience,” he says. It is a community of support, and where the creators of podcast shows are all collaborating with each other. “Amongst the content side of things, it’s very open and very collaborative, and I think that’s something that’s pretty unique to podcasting.” 


What’s Next

Zach tells Tom that he’s most excited about expanding Squadcast’s team. Hiring different team members and establishing a larger organization is a big focus for this year, he remarks. Maximizing their opportunities in software engineering, marketing, and sales is another venture as well, Zach says. Squadcast will also be launching a new product category called Remote Content Production, which is a foundation that applications will be built on. Another major release from Squadcast also on the way will be its collaboration with Dolby.



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