Tori Reichman is VP Commercial at Vault Platform, a leading B2B enterprise software company. Vault Platform enables employees to report incidents and also “provides a single source of truth to the company so that the company can receive, manage and resolve incidents and also identify and manage risk around the company’s ethical and cultural health.” Her company’s offering and how it enables both employer and employee, is the topic of Tori’s discussion with Tom Fox in this week’s episode of Innovation In Compliance.

Building Trust

“One of the reasons I came to join [Vault Platform] is because there’s something in it both for the employees and the employer,” Tori remarks. “It’s really about building trust and creating trust between those two components.” Vault Platform can be used by organizations in a variety of industries to report on a variety of incidents. Tom asks how it can help companies with continuous monitoring and improvement of their compliance programs. Tori explains that Vault Platform allows companies to have real-time visibility into incidents occurring across the organization via the dashboard. “From an investigation resolution perspective, we also have always had the board at the center of it,” she comments. “[We are always thinking about] what the board needs to know to be able to provide guidance, to get that true visibility so they can see what’s happening.”

The Rise of Employee Activism and Cyberbullying

One result of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements is that companies are facing social pressure to act with integrity. Employee activism is on the rise around the world because workers want to speak out – they care about working with companies that take meaningful action on issues. Tom and Tori discuss the importance of creating a climate where employees feel psychologically safe to speak out about their experiences or what they witness. Tom introduces the important topic of diversity and inclusion. Tori says that she is pleased that the conversation today is more about equity and inclusion than about what makes us different. “It’s about how do we bring our different selves to work together to achieve the organization’s objectives or society’s objectives,” she points out.

Cyberbullying is unfortunately becoming more common in the pandemic. Tom and Tori discuss this phenomenon, and Tori shares insights why it is so. One reason is that when people are under stress they are more likely to turn a blind eye to misconduct: they are focused on taking care of themselves, Tori says.


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