Welcome to a special five-part K2 Integrity sponsored podcast, series Business and Financial Fraud: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Over the course of this series I have been joined by Joanne Taylor, a Managing Director at K2 Integrity. She has 20 years of legal, investigations and financial crime compliance experience, working within the financial and legal services industries. I am also joined by Ray Dookhie, a Managing Director in K2 Integrity’s Investigations and Risk Advisory practice, with more than 25 years of experience in compliance, integrity risk monitoring and management, and investigations. Over the series, we have considered the top fraud trends you might expect to see in 2021, what the regulatory landscape may well look like in 2021, best practices in fraud prevention, how to detect fraud and responding to fraud once it is uncovered. In our concluding episode, Part 5, Ray Dookhie joins me to discuss what a company should do after allegations of fraud arise.