Welcome to the latest addition to the Compliance Podcast Network, Leading the Way, a StoneTurn podcast. StoneTurn’s Leading the Way podcast series highlights the top compliance, legal and anti-fraud practitioners who are breaking down siloes and setting new standards for excellence worldwide.

In this episode, StoneTurn Partner Valerie Charles is joined by CCO superstar Lisa Steward Hughes to hear the role of the CCO and compliance function in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic, social justice movements and increasingly rapid speed of change in the corporate compliance world. Please note between the time of the recording of this podcast Lisa changed jobs, moving from the SVP, Chief Compliance Officer at Endeavor to Chief Compliance Officer at Factset.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Lisa’s journeys into through field of compliance.
  • How the Coronavirus pandemic impacted compliance.
  • Why are more women becoming leaders in compliance?
  • Has diversity and inclusion come to compliance?
  • Why compliance is uniquely situated to lead this discussion in the corporate setting?
  • Being a supportive parent of a trans-gender teenager.



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