Where does creativity fit into compliance? In more places than you think. Problem-solving, accountability, communication, and connection – they all take creativity. Join Tom Fox and Ronnie Feldman on Creativity and Compliance, part of the Compliance Podcast Network. With this episode Ronnie and Tom begin a five-part series on creative ideas you can use during the 2019 Compliance Week.

In this Part 1, we discuss what we will communicate in the series. In our first Siskel and Ebert Point/Counter-Point, Ronnie comes in smoking on what he thinks about Compliance Week and Tom has a more lawyerly, measured approach.  Tom and Ronnie both agree that Compliance Week initiatives should only be seen as a starting point and must be followed up throughout the year.

Some of the ideas include:

  • You should promote your compliance program and its resources.
  • Endeavor to be welcoming and positive and approachable.
  • Demonstrate how compliance integrates and embeds into the business.
  • Any initiatives you begin must be followed up throughout the year.


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