In this five-part series, Mike Volkov and Tom Fox consider COVID-19 from a variety of angles and perspectives; from the Board of Directors, the CCO, the ethical company, new laws and regulations, crisis management and leadership. In this first episode, we consider the why compliance and ethics are even more important during coronavirus health crisis and what it may all mean going forward. Highlights from the podcast include:

  1. Businesses must lead from the top.
  2. Ethical decision making must be the guidepost for all decisions.
  3. Who are all the stakeholders which need to be considered?
  4. There are a variety of stakeholders which must be considered but health and safety should be the Number 1 consideration.
  5. Should employees be the No. 1 consideration?
  6. How will Gen Z view your company’s actions?


Mike Volkov-Ethical Business Decisions in the COVID-19 Crisis

Tom FoxCompany Responses