In this five-part series, Mike Volkov and Tom Fox consider COVID-19 from a variety of angles and perspectives; from the Board of Directors, the CCO, the ethical company, new laws and regulations, crisis management and leadership. In this fourth episode, we consider the role of the Chief Compliance Officer and why compliance must step up to the corporate forefront to meet these challenges. Highlights from the podcast include:

  1.  Why compliance must NEVER sleep during the coronavirus crisis.
  2. What are some of the specific tactics a CCO can employ during the coronavirus crisis?
  3. What technological solutions can a CCO bring to bear?
  4. What time horizons are you considering?
  5. Why the COVID-19 crisis should force you to be creative?
  6. Why culture assessments are a key tool for a CCO during this crisis.
  7. How will enforcement view the coronavirus crisis three to five years from now?


Mike Volkov

Business Response

Tom Fox

Getting Started

Specific Tactics a CCO Can Employ

A Video Isn’t Just a Video

Eric Feldman on Culture Assessments During Coronavirus Crisis

According to Frank