The Great Women in Compliance Podcast is hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley who believe that when women support other women, collectively everyone’s boat rises.  With this in mind, the #GWIC podcast puts the spotlight on women who have trailblazed in Compliance, hold remarkable achievements and have actionable advice to help advance other women in the industry. In this week’s episode feature, Mary speaks with Barbara Boehler, who is currently Director of Programming at Compliance Week, a magazine and events company in the Compliance space.  Barbara is also an adjunct professor at Boston University and the Suffolk Law School in Boston.

Some of the highlights include:
  • The life cycle from lawyer to Compliance Officer to directing events and sprinkling in lecturing
  • The differences between financial services compliance vs corporate compliance
  • Barbara’s number one tip for success in financial services compliance
  • What it’s like teaching the next generation of Compliance Officers about Compliance
  • What goes into the curriculum for Compliance lectures
  • Suggestions for getting into an Adjunct Professor role
  • How lecturing can improve your skills as a Compliance professional
  • Chief Compliance Officer hot topics
  • What makes a popular speaker at Compliance conferences and tips for angling speaking proposals to get selected.