Jordan Domash, General Manager at Relativity, is this week’s guest on the Innovation In Compliance show. He chats with Tom Fox about his company’s Relativity Trace solution, and how to use it in your compliance program. 

A Proactive Approach

Jordan describes Relativity Trace as “…a communication, surveillance, and monitoring tool built on top of the Relativity platform for compliance purposes.” Tom asks him how it can be used in a proactive approach to compliance. He responds that when potential issues need to be investigated, Relativity Trace can sift through millions of files using machine learning, search, and human review to detect risk proactively. He points out that their out of the box policies can detect issues such as bribery, corruption, and price-fixing. In addition, companies can configure their own rules based on the compliance risks that are relevant to their business. When there is a potential compliance violation, the system will proactively generate alerts. 

Relativity One

Tom asks Jordan to talk about another discovery solution Relativity offers, namely Relativity One. Jordan responds that Relativity One is the SAAS version of Relativity: it’s an e-discovery tool that can help you search and review content as part of an investigation, and then create reports. Each activity that happens in Relativity leaves a permanent audit trail, which ensures that the review process is defensible. 

Document Security

After you self-disclose, the first thing the government asks is if your documents are secure, Tom comments. He asks Jordan how their solution handles security. Jordan describes the tools in Relativity Trace that ensure data security, including the legal hold tool. He reiterates that every action in Relativity is audited. “It’s all exportable. It’s all filterable. It’s all searchable. So it’s very possible to take a look at your audit trail and find the relevant behavior or the whole history of the matter, the investigation or the combined process, and share that with regulators.”  

Tom asks how the solution deals with false positives, in answer to which Jordan outlines various measures built into Relativity that handle this problem. “It’s not just the Machine Learning that can help you reduce false positives right away, but it’s a full collection of tools that Relativity Trace gives you to go through your process quickly… and identify risks in your business,” Jordan comments.


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