Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

In this Part 1 of a special two-part series, Lisa welcomes Dr. Mary Gentile who is the creator and architect of Giving Voice to Values (GVV), which is a globally recognized program which shifts the focus from ethical analysis, to ethical implementation.  This aligns with the manner in which many ethics and compliance professionals look to support their organizations by helping people act ethically.  In this first episode, Lisa talks with Dr. Gentile about how GVV started from her review and analysis of how everyone has internal and external pressures surrounding their decisions, and that some people do voice and act on their values, and some do not.

Dr. Gentile’s research led to the development of GVV to give practical tools to help people make better decisions. She talks about how to and build a practice to help people move from knowing what the ethical thing is to do, to having the ability to effectively respond when challenged.  She discusses global challenges and challenges for women when being pressured to act unethically and the tools that GVV provides in those situations.

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