Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

One of the best parts of GWIC is that we get the opportunity to speak with some of the trailblazers in our field. In the next two episodes, Lisa talks with Pat Harned, the CEO of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI). Today, Lisa gets to learn about Pat’s background, what led her to working at ECI and how the organization evolved before and during her leadership. Pat talks about her experience as a woman in our field and as a CEO.

In this episode, we have Part 2 of Lisa’s discussion with Pat Harned, the CEO of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI). In Part 1, they discussed ECI, its mission, the recently released Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES) and Pat’s journey to her leadership of ECO.

In Part 2, Lisa and Pat discuss the IMPACT Conference, and focus on one of the keynote discussions about reporting and speaking up and retaliation. They discuss the trends identified globally and in the US in the GBES, and the analysis of the data received from the survey participants. Pat also provides guidance and insight about retaliation and the perception of retaliation both in the US and throughout the world, and how the social justice movements and COVID have impacted them.

Pat concludes the discussion with some of the knowledge and advice that she would have liked to have known when she started her career.  We are very lucky in the E&C Community to have so many strong organizations for us to build and grow our professions, and fortunate to have a woman like Pat helming ECI.

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