Following President Biden’s inauguration, Brian and Tim look back at the chaotic final two weeks of the Trump administration to examine the flurry of trade and foreign policy actions taken on the way out the door. In Lightning Round fashion, we cover: Cuba’s re-designation as a State Sponsor of Terror, statements about China committing genocide, more actions targeting the crackdown in Hong Kong, a few final pokes in the eye to Iran, the imprisonment of Alexei Navalny and a possible new era for sanctions targeting Russia, designations impacting the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, an amended (but still ambiguous) E.O. relating to publicly traded securities of CCMCs, provocative moves relating to Taiwan and the South China Sea, and a brand new regulatory regime meant to protect the ICTS supply chain from foreign adversaries.

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0:10 Introduction and Roadmap

5:57 Lightning Round-Style Recap
8:47 Cuba Designated a State Sponsor of Terror
14:43 Pronouncement that China is Committing Genocide
21:03 Latest from Hong Kong
26:20 Final Pokes in the Eye to Iran
32:38 Russia after Navalny’s Arrest
39:58 Designating Houthis as an FTO/SDGT?
46:53 Amended CCMC EO
56:25 Taiwan and the South China Sea
1:03:30 Interim Final ICTS Rule

1:10:28  Final Thoughts

***Stay sanctions free.***