Because there is never a dull moment in the world of economic sanctions, Brian and Tim dive deep on possible U.S. responses to the military coup in Myanmar and how China looms large in that decision. Next, we discuss early signals from the Biden Administration on its approach to the Venezuela sanctions program, and we examine the potential impact of a lawsuit from Xiaomi challenging its recent designation as a Communist Chinese military company. Finally, in the Lightning Round, we briefly touch on the new U.S. approach to Yemen and spend a few minutes wondering whether the CFIUS SWAT Team is coming after us.

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0:10 Introduction and Roadmap

The Rundown
5:43 Military Coup in Myanmar
35:50 A New Approach to Venezuela
50:23 Xiaomi Lawsuit

1:05:09 Lightning Round
1:05:30 Update on Yemen
1:09:55 CFIUS SWAT Team

1:20:39 Final Thoughts

***Stay sanctions free.***