On the latest episode, Brian and Tim dig in to the sweeping new Executive Order targeting Russian Harmful Foreign Activities to decipher what it means for the sanctions risk landscape in Russia and what may be coming next. We also check in on JCPOA 2.0 after an explosive week (literally) away from the negotiating table and go down the rabbit hole on the possible implications of China’s introduction of the digital yuan. Finally, in the Lightning Round, we share quick thoughts on the recent removal of the UAE from Treasury’s list of boycotting countries and a new legislative proposal that would expand CFIUS jurisdiction to certain transactions with U.S. institutions of higher education.

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0:10​ Introduction and Roadmap

The Rundown
4:56​ New Russia Sanctions
29:36​ Update on JCPOA 2.0
39:25​ China’s Cryptocurrency

54:30​ Lightning Round
54:52​ UAE Removed from Boycotting Countries List
1:02:07​ The Strategic Competition Act of 2021

1:09:49​ Final Thoughts

***Stay sanctions free.***