This episode begins a short series on Gilded Age Presidents, now largely forgotten. In this episode we take up Rutherford B. Hayes.
 Some of the issues posed include:

Hayes Educational and Professional Background

The Disputed Election of 1876 and Compromise-(1)Election Commission; (2) Terms of the Compromise and (3) Was it necessary?

Hayes’ Presidency-(1) Reconstruction ends-was it inevitable? (2) Civil Service Reform; (3) Cabinet Selections; (4) Port of New York and (5) the Post Office.

Foreign Policy-(1) Paraguay War settlement; (2) Mexican border crisis and (3) Immigration issues.

Great RR Strike of 1877, the Great Western Tour, his Indian Policy and Lemonade Lucy

Hayes Leadership Issues-(1)“He serves his party best, who serves his country best.”; (2) Rutherford the Rover; (3) Use of veto and (4) Conflicts with Congress over Congressional v. Executive Power.