Richard Lummis is on assignment this week so I am pleased to host Alyson Van Hooser, who was recently in Houston. We sat down for a live recording about her recent LinkedIn post, “3 Gen Z Perspectives Leaders Need to Know”.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. Why are you in Houston?
  2. Why did you write the article?
  3. How is Gen Z leadership different from Boomer leadership?
  4. Why do leaders need to learn from stories from their people, not statistics about them?
  5. How does the style of Gen Z parenting different from that of Gen X (or Boomers) and why is that important to a business leader?
  6. Why do you advise Gen Z leaders not to roll up their eyes but to roll up their sleeves?
  7. Why is connecting fast so important to training and communications?
  8. Why are you so passionate about leadership?


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