With travel bans coming to the fore, Jay worries about Spring Break while Tom heads to DisneyWorld. They take a break to consider some of the top compliance articles and stories which caught their eye this week.

  1. The Cardinal Health FCPA enforcement action. Harry Cassin breaks the story on the FCPA Blog. Tom looks at business relationships in the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog. Matt Kelly considers management’s role in Radical Compliance. Mike Volkov considers on Corruption Crime and Compliance. Jaclyn Jaeger considers on Compliance Week. (sub req’d)
  2. Is your compliance program effective? Mike Volkov explores on Corruption Crime and Compliance.
  3. The Astros sign stealing scandal and breach of fiduciary duty. Mike Peregrine in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.
  4. CRO fined $450,000 individually for failures in compilance. Kristin Broughton in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  5. Does conflict rob you of success? Linda Henman in CCI.
  6. Wow moments in compliance, Part 3. Geert Vermeulen continues his 5-part series in Risk and Compliance Platform Europe.
  7. Are you under pressure as a compliance professional. We suggest you read Julie DiMauro in the FCPA Blog (and then listen to both David Bowie and Queen)
  8. How can you manage digital disruption? Jim DeLoach considers in Part 1 of a two-part series on CCI.
  9. On the Compliance Podcast Network, Tom opens a new month by looking at the role of innovation in compliance on 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program.This week saw the following offerings: Monday-What is Innovation in Compliance; Tuesday-Welcome to ComTech; Wednesday-skills needed for innovation; Thursday-the advantage of data in compliance; Friday-strategies for and with AI in compliance. Note 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program now has its own iTunes channel. If you want to binge out and listen to only these episodes, click here. This month’s sponsor is Affiliated Monitors, Inc.
  10. Join Tom in Houston on March 10 as Convercent is hosting a Roundtable, from 12-2 at Steak 48. Our featured speaker will be Philip Winterburn and featured guest is Terri Springer from HP. We will focus on key KPIs for compliance. Information and Registration here.
  11. Join Tom in NYC on Thursday, March 12 as Convercent is hosting an Innovation Forum from 3:30-7 PM at Santina. This event will allow you to network with like-minded individuals within the ethics and compliance space and hear from Thomas Fox and Philip Winterburn as well. For more information and registration click here.
  12. If not Houston or NYC, how about joining Tom in Philly? Join Baker Tilly and the Philadelphia Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors for the 2020 Fraud and Ethics Symposium. Information here and registration here

Tom Fox is the Compliance Evangelist and can be reached at tfox@tfoxlaw.com. Jay Rosen is Mr. Monitor and can be reached at jrosen@affiliatedmonitors.com.