In this special bonus podcast, the co-hosts of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley are joined by Tom Fox, host of the FCPA Compliance Reportas well as Amii Bernard-Bahn. We all participated in the recently concluded Compliance Week 2019 and we sat down to provide some of our reflections on the conference. This podcast cross-posts on Great Women in Compliance. The episode is sponsored by Corporate Compliance Insights.  Some of the highlights include:

Lisa Fine– the Key Note Presentation by Preet Bharara. Some of the highlights for Lisa were:

  • Doing the right thing can often be the most expedient thing as well.
  • The problems when you go right up to the ethical line.
  • His career advice regarding learning the business side of things.

Mary Shirley– the presentation by Lisa Beth Lentini, Subhashis Nath and Robert Appleton on the behavioral science behind corporate compliance. Some of the highlights for Mary were:

  • The benefits of metrics in a best practices compliance program.
  • Her surprise when the audience was polled that fewer than one-half in attendance are currently using data analytics in their corporate compliance programs.
  • Data science will be a key component of compliance officers in a very short time.

Amii Bernard-Bahn-the reaction to and participation of the audience in two sessions Amii led on careers in corporate compliance. Some of the highlights for Amii included:

  • Compliance professionals are now thinking of their careers 3-5 years down the road.
  • CCOs are actively considering Board roles as a part of their compliance careers.
  • What are some of the business leadership skills a compliance professional needs to move to non-compliance roles in the C-Suite.

Tom Fox-the Key Note address by Hui Chen on where compliance has been, where it is now and where it is going in the 2020’s and beyond. Some of the highlights for Tom were:

  • A review of the five decades of compliance.
  • The current challenges for the compliance professional.
  • Where is compliance and ethics headed into next decade.

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