As TrumpLand continues to live in fantasy and denial, going 1-55 in lawsuits while over 3000 American die daily from Covid-19; Tom and Jay are back to look at some of the top compliance articles and stories which caught their eye this week.

  1. The Vitol FCPA enforcement action. Tom takes a deep dive on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog. Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4. Mike Volkov has a 3-part series on Corruption Crime and Compliance.
  2. Is the SEC whistleblower program too opaque? Harry Cassin considers in the FCPA Blog.
  3. AML reform and a new whistleblower law. Matt Kelly considers in Radical Compliance. Tom and Matt go into the weeds in the latest episode of Compliance into the Weeds.
  4. Is the SEC discouraging whistleblowers under Dodd-Frank. Mengui Sun explores in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  5. Where did the Cheesecake Factory go wrong? Sara Kropft in the Grand Jury Target.
  6. 5 Compliance Triumphs from 2020? Kyle Brausser in Compliance Week. (sub req’d)
  7. GDPR compliance challenges in 2021. Steve Horvath in CCI.
  8. China-US audit showdown? Michael Rapoport reviews in The Dig.
  9. A new month is here and a new guest on The Compliance Life. Kim Yapchai, Chief Counsel – Environmental, Social & Governance at Tenneco Inc. In this week’s second episode, we take up the in-house roles In Kim held on her road towards the CCO chair. Check out the series here.
  10. My podcast with Mikhail Reider-Gordon on Wirecard was so popular we spun it out into its own series, The Wirecard Saga. Check out the latest episode, Dirty Deeds Down Under. 
  11. On 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program, we consider Training and Communications. Monday, Sharing to 360-degrees of communication Tuesday– Speical Guest Vin DiCianni on Compliance and the clash of cultures.Wednesday– Using 360 Degree of Compliance to Tell a Story; Thursday– Using Communications to Drive a Speak Up Culture; Friday– Using communications to foster your compliance brand. Note 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program now has its own iTunes channel. If you want to binge out and listen to only these episodes, click here.
  12. Check out the a replay of London Stock Exchange event which featured Tom, Neta Meidav, CEO, Vault Platform and Maxine Gee, Chief Risk Officer – UK Capital Markets LSE on why culture drives compliance. You can view and listen to it here.
  13. Join K2 Integrity for two great events in December. On Dec. 14, they host a webinar on “Proliferation Financing: Risks, Threats, and Mitigation.” The webinar will explore critical issues around understanding and combatting the financing of WMD proliferation.
  14. On December 17, DOLFIN and K2 Integrity’s financial crimes compliance experts will host their latest “Ask an Expert FINQuiry” webinar. Expect answers to questions on topics such as: the latest developments in AML/CFT, sanctions, fraud, anti-bribery and corruption, and export controls; financial integrity risks related to the global pandemic; and regionally focused financial crime risks.

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