It is certainly a challenging time for the American Democarcy. For his high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constituion and American democary, President Trump has now been impeached for a second time. In the midst of the this, Tom and Jay are back to look at some of the top compliance articles and stories which caught their eye this week.

  1. Recidivist Deutsche Bank settles a second FCPA matter. Tom takes a 5-part deep dive on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog. Matt Kelly looks at red flags and internal controls on Radical Compliance. Tom and Matt take a deep dive on Compliance into the Weeds.
  2. How the FCPA is big business. Harry Cassin explains in the FCPA Blog.
  3. Is an industry sweep headed your way? Dick Cassin explains in the FCPA Blog.
  4. Why you should welcome the NDAA? Matthew Stephenson in GAB. Jonathan Marks on Board and Fraud.
  5. How to use KPIs in your compliance program. Vera Cherapanova in the FCPA Blog.
  6. What are your Board resolutions for 2021? Steve Durbin in CCI.
  7. 2020 was a year of ethical challenges. Mike Volkov explains in Corruption Crime and Compliance.
  8. What are the C-Suite challenges brought on by Coivd-19? Shanil Williams in CCI.
  9. A new month is here and a new guest on The Compliance Life. Gwen Hassan- Director of Compliance at CNH Industrial. In this month’s second episode, In this second episode, we take up the tricky issue of balancing a role as a legal eagle for the company as well as her role in compliance. We also explore the different skill set needed for each of these careers and how it is possible to have both in one person. Check out the episode here.
  10. This month, on 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program, I look back over 2020 and set out some of the key enhancements you need to do for your compliance program in 2021. Day 9 | 360 Degrees of Compliance Communications; Day 10 | The Use of Social Media in Compliance; Day 11 | What is Effective Compliance Training?; Day 12 | Financial Incentives for Compliance; Day 13 | Institutional Justice and Fairness; Day 14 | Risk Assessments; and Day 15 | How do you evaluate a risk assessment?. Note 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program now has its own iTunes channel.
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