As Trump becomes the only person to have 2 impeachment trials, Tom and Jay are back to look at some of the top compliance articles and stories which caught their eye this week.

  1. Beny Steinmetz found guilty for corruption in Guinea mining concession. Imogen Foulkes in the com. Tom take a deep dive on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog. Part 1-Background, Part 2-the Trial, Part 3-the Vale JV, Part 4-Final Thoughts.
  2. Do compliance officers need a peer review? Dick Cassin explores in the FCPA Blog.
  3. Should you have reps and warranties in your compliance terms and conditions? Bill Steinman considers in the FCPA Blog.
  4. 7 key changes to CA privacy laws. Andrew Burt in Navex Global’s Risk and Compliance Matters.
  5. A Significant ruling on HIPPA out of the 5th David Saunders and Allison Glover in NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement.
  6. Is an increase in SEC enforcement coming? Morgan Lewis lawyers in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Goverance.
  7. Why is FCA compliance so critical? Mike Debernardis in CCI.
  8. How to investigate a 60MM document case? Michael Dempsey in the BBC.
  9. On The Compliance Life, Gwen Hassan- Director of Compliance at CNH Industrial is back for her fourth and final episode. In it, Gwen explains her passion around fighting the international scrourge of human trafficking. Check out the episode here.
  10. This month, on 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program, I look back over 2020 and set out some of the key enhancements you need to do for your compliance program in 2021. Day 23 | Assessing compliance internal controls; Day 24 | Updates and feedback; Day 25 | CCO authority and independence; Day 26 | the role of compliance in an organization; Day 27 | operationalizing compliance though payroll; Day 28 | Continuous Improvement; Day 29 | Internal Reporting. Note 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program now has its own iTunes channel.
  11. A new AMI podcast is out, Integrity Through Compliance. It will have AMI’s expert observations and guidance in the fields of ethics, antitrust, healthcare, government contracting, corporate governance, cybersecurity, construction, telecommunications, consumer protection and more.In this first episode, AMI founder Vin DiCianni visits with AMI MD Jerry Coyne the future of telehealth & home healthcare during a pandemic and beyond. Check it out here.
  12. Join K2 Integrity and the AIBACP for a webinar on February 17—National Defense Authorization Act: AML Compliance Implications and Priorities for the Banking Industry. Information and Registration here.
  13. Compliance Week is accepting nominations for its Excellence in Compliance Award. Submit your nominee here.
  14. Join the Baker Tilly Fraud 1st Annual Fraud and Compliance Summit, Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021, to Thursday, Feb 25, 2021. Details and registration here.

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