As March Madness descends upon us in the bubble this year, Sister Jean leads Loyola of Chicago into the Sweet 16. Tom and Jay are back to look at this week’s stories top compliance and ethics stories which caught their interest on This Week in FCPA.


1.     Universities behaving badly. Tom looks at the KU hiring and firing of Les Miles in a four-part blog post series on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog.

2.     Bette Davis and Jim Deloach both say fasten your seatbelts. Jim Deloach in CCI.

3.     Do you have a Money Laundering Reporting Officer? Alia Noor in XpertsLeague.

4.     How to avoid an OIG investigation. Sara Kropf in Grand Jury Blog.

5.     Why do SPACs give compliance fits? Aaron Nicodemus in Compliance Week(sub req’d)

6.     Risk Management and IT Security in WFH. Sam Abadir in Risk and Compliance Matters.

7.     Building bridges between compliance and BD. Mike Volkov in Crime Corruption and Compliance.

8.     Three significant CCO hires. What does it mean? Nicholas Trutanich to Fox Corp (WSJ); David Searle to Tesla (Bloomberg) and Antonio Fernández to FirstEnergy (WSJ).

9.     Why ignoring red flags around Iran is bad. Doug Cornelius in Compliance Building.

10.  Paucity of FCPA enforcement in Q1, good or bad? Harry Cassin explore in the FCPA Blog.

Podcasts and Events

11.  On The Compliance Life, Rob Chesnut joins me for the month of March.  In the first episode, In Episode 1, Rob talks about his academic career at UVA and how its Honor Code influenced his thinking about ethics in his professional career and his his career as an AUSA. In Episode 2, Rob moves cross country to join eBay. In Episode 3, Rob talks about moving into the Chief Ethics Officer role at Airbnb. In Episode 4, Rob looks down the road for compliance.

12.  Microsoft has joined the Compliance Podcast Network, with two podcasts, Voice of Data Protection and Uncovering Hidden Risks. In Episode 5 of Voices of Data Protection, Bhavanesh Rengarajan discusses your information governance and records management journey.  In Episode 5 of Uncovering Hidden Risks, Raman Kalyan Talhah Mir how far insider risk programs have come.

13.  Coffee & Regs joins the Compliance Podcast Network. In this week’s episode, hosts Natalie Silverman visits with Alison Taylor and Victoria Olsen to discuss the compliance playbook for regulagtory change.

14.  AMI’s Mikhail Reider-Gordon and Eric Feldman continue their discussion on trends in independent monitoring in this episode of Integrity Through Compliance.

15.  Tom announces his latest book, The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition is available for presale purchase. Use the code FOX25 and go hereThe Compliance Handbook 2nd edition will be available in both print and eBook editions. This week on The Compliance Handbook podcast, the ladies from #GWIC join Tom for a deep dive into written standards.

Tom Fox is the Voice of Compliance and can be reached at Jay Rosen is Mr. Monitor and can be reached at