As the Tokyo Olympics stumble out of the gate and Tom returns to the wilds of the Texas Hill Country, he and Jay are back to take a look at this week’s stories top compliance and ethics stories which caught their interest on This Week in FCPA in the No Fan Olympics edition.


  1. Why co-creation is key to design thinking in compliance. Carsten Tams continues his 5-part series on LinkedIn. Check out Tams Part 1 and Part 2 of his great 5-part series.
  2. What’s going on with ESG in Europe. Vera Cherepanova in the FCPA Blog.
  3. What is social risk? Lawrence Heim in com.
  4. What’s the current job market for compliance professionals? Matt Kelly in Radical Compliance.
  5. SFO secures two DPAs. Neil Hodge in Compliance Week (sub req’d)
  6. Responding to parallel investigations. Nicole Sprinzen and Catherine Yun in CCI.
  7. Auditing of SPACs. Francine McKenna takes a deep dive on The Dig. (Sub Req’d)
  8. EU Whistleblower Initiative? Keith Taylor in Navex Global’s Risk and Compliance Matters.
  9. FTC signals more aggressive enforcement. Alexander Paul Okuliar and David J. Shaw NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement
  10. The Enactment of Purpose Initiative. Wachtell, Lipton lawyers in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.

Podcasts and Events

  1. In a sponsored 6-part podcast series Tom visits with folks from Exiger on its ground-breaking TP&SCRM framework, the TRADES Framework. Part 1-Transparency; Part 2-Risk Mitigation; Part 3-Assessing Risk; Part 4-Determining Mitigations; Part 5-Evaluating Uplift; Part 6, Supplier Monitoring.
  2. Tom and Megan Dougherty conclude their series on Loki, in Episode 6, For All Time. Always. They review the concluding episode of Season 1, look back over the entire series, review it in the context of the MCU series WandaVision and the Winter Soldier and Falcon and where the MCMultiverse may be headed.
  3. A new month on The Compliance Life! In July I visit with Asha Palmer, CECO at Convercent. In Episode 1, from Claire Huxable to the DOJ. In Episode 2, ‘What do you think about Abu Dhabi?’ In Episode 3, she moves into compliance consulting and is surprised with what she observed.
  4. Are you a #GWICee? If you are not you should be. Join the co-hosts Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley for their fan fav lightening-round of listener submitted questions in this episode of Great Women in Compliance.
  5. What is the budget process for a corp compliance function? Kortney Nordrum lays it out for your in this episode of Survive and Thrive. Check out the video version on YouTube.
  6. The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition is released. Learn about it here. Purchase it here.

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