As drumheads worldwide mourn the death of Rolling Stones drummer Charlies Watts and Jay goes ‘on the road’; Tom is joined by special guest host, Kristy Grant-Hart to look at some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their interest on This Week in FCPA in the Charlie Watts Tribute edition. 


1.     Is ESG replacement for government inaction? Lawrence Heim in practicalESG.

2.     Why compliance should lead the ESG effort. Kristy Grant-Hart in Compliance Kristy

3.     What did the current Freddie Mac CCO learn from the 2008 financial crisis? Mengqi Sun in WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.

4.     What is ‘intentional integrity’? Aly McDevitt in Compliance Week.

5.     Defense industry struggles with cybersecurity. Matt Kelly in Radical Compliance.

6.     How has the pandemic impacted the ABC fight in Latin America? Geert Aalbers in the FCPA Blog.

7.     More oral argument as both sides appeal Hoskins trial verdict. Dylan Tokar in WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal.

8.     Debunking attacks on the Business Roundtable’s Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. Marty Lipton in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

9.     The Mozambique hidden debt scandal. Rick Messick in GAB.

10.  What happens to compliance when you have a fractured C-Suite?  Mike Volkov in Corruption Crime and Compliance.


Podcasts and Events

11.  On Innovation in Compliance this week I interview Kristy Grant-Hart, Joe Murphy and Kirsten Liston about their latest book, The Compliance Entrepreneur. Check out the show here.

12.  On The Compliance Life, in August I visit with Kortney Nordrum CCO at Deluxe. In Episode 1, from Red Wing to Israel. In Episode 2, From Freddie Mac to the law. In Episode 3, how Kortney found her professional passion – Compliance.

13.  Compliance Week is having an open house this month as they have dropped their firewall. You can check out the entire publication for no charge. Check it out here.

14.  Breaking News features The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition. Check out the Breaking News feature here. Purchase The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition here. Find out more about The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition in an upcoming Zoom webinar, on Wednesday, September 1 at 8:30 AM ET; hosted by the Azevedo Sette law firm and Charles River Associates. To RSVP email

15.  Join K2 Integrity September 15 for a round-table discussion as we reflect on the 20th Anniversary of September 11 and consider its impact on countering terrorist financing and illicit financing, and the continuing risks to national security. The roundtable will include members of the team that spearheaded the post-9/11 counter illicit finance regime: Juan Zarate, Chip Poncy, Danny McGlynn, moderated by Dr. Michele L. Malvesti. Information and Registration here.

16.  The week of 9/11, Tom will run a 6-part special podcast series on Looking Back on 9/11. In this series he will visit with professionals from a variety of compliance perspectives who will discuss how 9/11 changed our profession, including three who were in NYC during the attacks. Check it out on the Compliance Podcast Network.

17.  Tom pays tribute to Charlie Watts.

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