In this episode I visit with Mike Volkov about the Hoskins verdict, which was announced on Friday, November 8. In it Lawrence Hoskins was found guilty on six counts of violating the FCPA, three counts of money laundering, and two counts of conspiracy. Hoskins was acquitted on one money laundering count. We explore this case from the trial perspective. Some of the highlights include:

  • What was the significance of the verdict?
  • What evidence did the prosecutors have to put forward to prove agency?
  • How do prosecutors think through jury presentations?
  • Did the fact that Hoskins basic defense was that he was in charge of a criminal conspiracy and not an agent play poorly in front of the jury ?
  • What might all this mean for FCPA prosecutions going forward? How about internal investigations?
  • What does this case say about being the first to cooperate?
  • What signal does this case say about DOJ prosecution of individuals under the FCPA?