Welcome to the only roundtable podcast in compliance. Today, we have a quartet of Matt Kelly, Jonathan Marks, Jonathan Armstrong and Mike Volkov for a deep dive into plethora of topics related to Opening Day. We end with a veritable mélange of rants and shouts outs.

  1. Jonathan Armstrong takes us through the current state of the fight against the international scourge of modern slavery. Armstrong rants about the BBC’s non reporting on BoJo paramour Jennifer Arcuri until four days after the story broke.
  1. Jonathan Marks talks about the endemic corruption in eSports and the lack of any regulatory body to address the issue. Marks shouts out to FBI Special Kerrie Harny who led the investigation that brought down fraudulent concert promoter Andres Fernandez who told people he could make them wealthy investing in the glamorous industry. He rants about the National Association of eSports (NACE) for its lack of leadership around the corruption in eSports.
  1. Mike Volkov talks different perspective on risk management from the perspectives of a GC and CCO. Volkov shouts to the federal prosecutors who have been handling the Matt Gaetz investigation.
  1. Matt Kelly discusses the corporate responses or lack thereto of the state of Georgia voter suppression law. Kelly shouts out to Danielle Frazier, the teenager who filmed the killing of George Floyd and apologized to the Floyd family for not doing more to save him.
  1. Tom Fox shouts out to John Boehner who in his new book said, “There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless asshole who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Senator Ted Cruz.”

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The members of the Everything Compliance are:

  • Jay Rosen– Jay is Vice President, Business Development Corporate Monitoring at Affiliated Monitors. Rosen can be reached at JRosen@affiliatedmonitors.com
  • Mike Volkov – One of the top FCPA commentators and practitioners around and the Chief Executive Officer of The Volkov Law Group, LLC. Volkov can be reached at mvolkov@volkovlawgroup.com
  • Matt Kelly – Founder and CEO of Radical Compliance. Kelly can be reached at mkelly@radicalcompliance.com
  • Jonathan Armstrong –is our UK colleague, who is an experienced data privacy/data protection lawyer with Cordery in London. Armstrong can be reached at armstrong@corderycompliance.com
  • Jonathan Marks is Partner, Firm Practice Leader – Global Forensic, Compliance & Integrity Services at Baker Tilly. Marks can be reached at marks@bakertilly.com

The host and producer (and sometime panelist) of Everything Compliance is Tom Fox the Voice of Compliance. He can be reached at tfox@tfoxlaw.com. Everything Compliance is a part of the Compliance Podcast Network.