Welcome to the only roundtable podcast in compliance. The entire gang was also thrilled to be honored by W3 as a top talk show in podcasting. In this episode, we have the sextet of Karen Woody, Jonathan Armstrong, Matt Kelly and Jay Rosen. We discuss some of the key issues we will be watching in 2022.

1. Karen Woody will be watching the legal evolution around SPACs and expansion of insider trading laws. Karen shouts out to workers in the travel industry for getting travelers home during the holidays.

2. Jay Rosen reviews the considers the Holmes verdict, Tyler Schultz/whistleblowers and the celebrity BOD failure at Theranos. Rosen shouts out to Antonio Brown.

3. Matt Kelly considers the Log4j cybersecurity threat and the SEC move to regulate ESG. Kelly rants about Elon Musk selling his Tesla stock immediately before the company announces a massive product recall.

4. Jonathan Armstrong tackles several topics; ransomware, Safe Harbor, EU Whistleblower Directive, Supply Chain & China. Armstrong shouts out Nicholas Burk and synthetic ransomware attacks.

5. Jonathan Marks looks at the intersection of crypto, currency and crime. Marks rants about the inconsistent information emanating from the CDC.

6. Tom Fox rants about Novak Djokovic.  

The members of the Everything Compliance are:

•       Jay Rosen– Jay is Vice President, Business Development Corporate Monitoring at Affiliated Monitors. Rosen can be reached at JRosen@affiliatedmonitors.com

•       Karen Woody – One of the top academic experts on the SEC. Woody can be reached at kwoody@wlu.edu

•       Matt Kelly – Founder and CEO of Radical Compliance. Kelly can be reached at mkelly@radicalcompliance.com

•       Jonathan Armstrong –is our UK colleague, who is an experienced data privacy/data protection lawyer with Cordery in London. Armstrong can be reached at jonathan.armstrong@corderycompliance.com

•       Jonathan Marks is Partner, Firm Practice Leader – Global Forensic, Compliance & Integrity Services at Baker Tilly. Marks can be reached at jonathan.marks@bakertilly.com

The host and producer, ranter (and sometime panelist) of Everything Compliance is Tom Fox the Voice of Compliance. He can be reached at tfox@tfoxlaw.com. Everything Compliance is a part of the Compliance Podcast Network.