Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

At the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, we believe in the value of speaking up whilst acknowledging that it often isn’t easy to do so.  No one personifies this more than heroic whistleblowers such as today’s guest, Erika Cheung.  Erika was one of the Theranos whistleblowers and is featured as our second speaker in this two-part series on whistleblowing.

Erika tells her story of what it was like starting at Theranos as a new graduate from university and details the experiences that led to her blowing the whistle on practices at the company thought of at the time as a unicorn and the next big thing.

We get to hear about what Erika is working on now as one of us – a new member of the Compliance community and her tips for startups seeking to embed a culture of integrity in their business.  We also hear about the personal toll the experience has had on Erika in addition to her successes moving on from the now disgraced company.

Mary often likes to end episodes with a little nugget of information or advice and this episode we maximize the star power already brought to the episode with Erika and feature one of the greatest feminist influencers of Mary’s childhood outside of family – some commentary from Ann. M Martin,  author of The Baby-sitters Club books, given especially for the GWIC podcast.

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