Welcome to the only roundtable podcast in compliance. Today, we have the full quintet of Mike Volkov, Jay Rosen, Matt Kelly, Jonathan Armstrong and our newest colleague, Sarah Hadden. In this episode, we present a potpourri of topics.

  1. Sarah Hadden considers the behavioral side of ethics and how this needs to be incorporated more fully into a compliance regime. Sarah shouts out to the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business (Hook ‘Em) and its online video series entitled Ethics Unwrapped.
  1. Matt Kelly considers the current state of whistleblower programs. He asks if corporate legal departments will support the fix to Dodd- Frank after the Digital Realty Trust ruling? Matt shouts out to smaller law firms and companies having more focused compliance events.
  1. Jay Rosen tells you everything you wanted to know about monitors but were afraid to ask. Jay shouts out to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her slap down of AG William Barr.
  1. Mike Volkov discusses the new OFAC compliance program and the current state of OFAC sanctions. Mike shouts to the recently concluded ECI national conference Impact 2019.

The members of the Everything Compliance are:

The host and producer (and sometime panelist) of Everything Compliance is Tom Fox the Compliance Evangelist. Everything Compliance is a part of the Compliance Podcast Network.

For additional reading and listening, check out the follow resources:

Matt Kelly’s blog post, Progress on Whistleblower Fix in Radical Compliance. Matt and I take a deep dive into the topic on Episode 123 of Compliance into the Weeds.

For more information on Sarah’s topic, check out the new eBook she referenced in her section, Compliance and Ethics Risk Assessmentby Jeff Kaplan. It is available free for download hereon Corporate Compliance Insights.

Check out Mike Volkov’s 5-part blog post series on the new OFAC compliance program on his blog site, Corruption, Crime and Compliance. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) For those who prefer the podcast format, you can list to his podcast on the topic here.

See Jay’s multipart article series on working with monitors, available on Corporate Compliance Insights.

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