In this special episode, Compliance Evangelist Thomas Fox sits in an engaging and value-packed discussion with Hui Chen, former compliance consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Fraud Section and now chief integrity officer for the Hawaii Attorney General’s office.


✔️  Hui advocates the need for a very interdisciplinary approach to compliance. Practitioners should become open to learning about social sciences and quantitative and qualitative studies, scientific methods, understanding how research is done, evaluating research outcomes, and evaluating the application of research.

✔️   Realize that people don’t govern their daily lives by reading the codes and the regulationsbut with processes and behaviors, and that’s what should be focused on by using a behavioral-based approach. Give the organization reason, opportunities, or motivations to NOT engage in the behavior you don’t want them to do.

✔️  What differentiates compliance officers is their knowledge and familiarity with the business. It is required to be versatile in understanding every function in the organization and working with them. Compliance professionals need to develop those skill sets to appreciate and understand and measure and be part of what the business does in all of those aspects.

✔️ How do we measure that outcome? By going back to define what you are doing this for, if you do it successfully, what success looks like, and try to find measurements for that, that is important because that goes to whether we have all been wasting our time not with the compliance programs.

Hui is an internationally renowned leader in ethics and compliance. She regularly consults with companies as well as regulatory and enforcement authorities around the world, advising them on the design, implementation, and assessment of ethics & compliance programs. Hui is also a thought leader who collaborates with leading academic researchers and publishes regularly in business and academic journals. 

Chen did this interview entirely in her personal capacity and nothing she said should be attributed to her office.

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Twitter @HuiChenEthics


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