Compliance Evangelist Tom Fox shares the screen with Philip Winterburn, co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Convercent, in yet another engaging conversation here at The Compliance Handbook podcast. Listen in as Philip shares his journey in compliance, the revolution that Convercent software created in the ethics space, and what he’s seen from his perspective over the past decade.

Key takeaways in the episode:

✔️ Glean lessons how Philip’s love for mathematics led him in applying technology to solve business problems and co-founding Convercent nine years ago as a dream to bring something different into the ethics and compliance world.

✔️ Why melding the concepts of behavioral science, ethics into compliance requires having good metrics to identify areas of weakness, where and how to apply the change, track trends, understand human behavior and influence those people, and then use data again to measure the impact of those programs.

✔️ Consider how the speed of social media and the potential reputational damage can get tricky for companies to defend themselves. Philip reminds: you don’t need a great PR firm to protect you, but be good through and through. You have to act with integrity in everything you do.

✔️ Understand how the evolution of the thinking of risk is a business opportunity. Philip explores his observations on the shift from legal to business and from law to behavior in the compliance profession.

✔️ Lean in how Convercent journeyed as a profession of going from the regulatory world to now offering more about business enablement and business outcomes with the tools and capabilities they offer.

✔️ Looking into the future, it can be both an opportunity and challenge for the compliance and ethics profession to use artificial intelligence to accelerate and expand reach within organizations and elevate more significant insights.

✔️ The merging of Convercent into OneTrust portends for Convercent, driving ethics to the center of business and moving forward to a truly enterprise-wide risk management solution.

✔️ Analyzing and synthesizing information into key insights and telling stories, and engaging our business peers will be a critical skill set necessary for ethics and compliance professionals in the future.

✔️ Failing to embrace environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks will be detrimental to the ethics and compliance professionals if we don’t jump into it.

Philip Winterburn is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Convercent, the world’s first Ethics Cloud Platform. As a leading global provider of ethics and compliance software, companies use Convercent to engage with employees, understand organizational risk, and create more robust, sustained business performance opportunities. Convercent has over 600 global customers, including Microsoft, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Capgemini, and Under Armour. Their customers span all industries, regions, and sizes and represent a growing breed of business leaders who care deeply about driving ethics to the center of their organizations.


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About Thomas Fox:

Thomas Fox, the Compliance Evangelist®, is one of the leading writers, thinkers, and commentators on anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance. In this latest edition of The Compliance Handbook, he continues to arm seasoned compliance professionals and those new to the realm with the practical, actionable guidance and tools needed to design, create, implement and continually enhance a best practices compliance program.

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Incorporating Current Government Pronouncements

The Second Edition incorporates the most current government pronouncements governing best practices compliance programs, including the 2019 Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs released by the Fraud Section of the Department of Justice, and its 2020 Update; the updated FCPA Resource Guide 2nd edition; the Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments; and the 2019 DOJ Antitrust Division’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs in Criminal Antitrust.

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