In this special podcast series, One Stone Creative co-founder Megan Dougherty and Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance indulge in their love of all things MCU by watching and discussing the Falcon and the Winter SoldierIn this episode we look at episode 5 of the series currently running on the Disney channel. Some of the highlights include:



  1. Truth and Isiah Bradley
  2. Torres as the new Falcon
  3. Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine
  4. Zemo and Bucky; Zemo to the Raft
  5. Sam tells bucky to make amends to others, not for himself
  6. Sam and Bucky on the boat. Stay away from my sister!
  7. A gift from the Wakandans?
  8. Post-credits scene – the new shield.
  9. Did Batroc deliver some kind of brainwashing device?


  1. Did Bucky and Cap conspire to give the shield to Sam?
  2. Why does Sam take the mantle now?
  3. Is Bucky finally getting better?
  4. Sharon Carter and Batroc the Leaper?
  5. What about the new Captain America?

So kick back and enjoy the MCU universe on the small screen and then check out this special series on Popcorn and Compliance.