Would you say empowering your employees is important? I feel pretty confident your answer is “yes”. However, the leaders I know, the leaders I work with, the leaders I teach, many of them say yes, too — but they are not taking action consistently to empower their people. The result? Leaders, teams, and companies are missing out on achieving unprecedented success!  Empowering employees affects both a companies culture and the bottom-line.

In today’s episode we are digging into what is holding leaders back from effectively empowering their employees. I also walk you briefly through the “Levels of Empowerment” we teach in one of the Leadership Development sessions we teach to company leadership teams. We wrap up talking about how empowerment is a win-win-win strategy.

Choose today to put your stake in the ground, make a plan, and then take action to be the leader known for empowering employees the best!  It’s time to #LevelUp!

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