In this episode I have back fan fav Mike Volkov. We break down the recently released Fresenius FCPA enforcement action. Some of the highlights from the podcast include:

  • A detailed discuss of the underlying facts.
  • What were the bribery schemes? Some old and some new but every compliance professional should study them.
  • How and why did Fresenius let the conduct go on for so long.
  • How was the company able to garner a NPA?
  • How did the company obtain its 40% discount for its fine and penalties?
  • Why was a monitor required?
  • What are the lessons learned from this enforcement action?

To take a deeper dive into the Fresenius FCPA enforcement action, check out Mike Volkov’s three-part series on his blog site, Corruption, Crime and Compliance. You can also check out my multi-part series on the FCPA Compliance Report.