Paul Brodie is the CEO of Brodie Consulting. He is a consultant and keynote speaker, and most interestingly, he helps would-be authors get their books published. He joins host Tom Fox today to discuss his professional background, and his work.

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How Brodie Consulting Began

His company, Brodie Consulting, was born out of a personal health crisis. Paul relates that his doctor told him that if he didn’t change his life, he would be dead within five years. This motivated him to take charge of his health and lose over 60 pounds. He wanted to write a book about his journey, but had no idea how to do so. With lots of research about Kindle publishing and some trial and error, he created a 6-step book publishing system. His first three books became bestsellers because of his system. He also discovered that he could help other would-be authors and began to offer coaching, done-for-you book publishing as well as podcast production and executive ghostwriting services.

The Six Step Process

Tom finds Paul’s six step process incredibly useful for a wide variety of projects. He asks him to describe how this process helps companies and individuals get their books published. Paul responds that some of the steps include:

  • An initial strategy session to find out how his company can help;
  • A second strategy session to determine the best type of service for the client;
  • Getting the book written and published;
  • Marketing the book.

Keynotes, Seminars and Podcast

One of Paul’s main leadership keynotes is called Motivation 101, in which he speaks about personal, team and organizational motivation. He finds that staying motivated is a major challenge for business leaders. He also regularly offers seminars at universities to help students get clear on where they want to go in life, not only for themselves, he says, but for the future. Tom asks him about his Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) seminar. His response is about the impact a favorite author had on him and how it changed his mindset and his life. Paul also hosts the Get Published podcast. He says that it has helped him to build connections and relationships. His guests offer great advice to his listeners about writing, publishing and marketing books, in a short format. It’s also a lot of fun, he says.