Welcome to the latest edition to the Compliance Podcast Network, The Wirecard Saga. In this series, I am joined by Mikhail Reider-Gordon, Managing Director of Institutional Ethics & Integrity at Affiliated Monitors.  In this episode, we take a deep dive into the former government officials who became Wirecard lobbyists, Wirecard goes big in China as Merkel whispers and then stumbles. All this and much more in the Go Big or Go Home edition.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Current event wrap up;
  • Investigative Committee grills top government officials;
  • Former Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg Don’t-call-me-a-lobbyist, who is BFF with Wirecard BD Georg von Waldenfels; holds private chit-chats with Merkel;
  • Wirecard seeks access to China and the Chancellor whispers in Xi’s ear;
  • All AllScore, All the Time;
  • Big Trouble in Little China;
  • Papageorgieu counsels no assistance but then the Ministry of Finance weighs in;
  • Merkel and her government stumble; and
  • Former minister Klaus-Dieter Fritsche is a consultant too.